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"Angela offered her Feng Shui services to me shortly after I downsized into a smaller home. Her advice and vision for layouts, arrangement of furniture and decorations were wonderful and helped me to create the cozy atmosphere I was looking for in my new space. She helped with tips pertaining to colours, shopping for decorative items and also made many different layout suggestions to pick from. I did not know that the interior design of a new space could be so much fun. Thanks Angela! I would be happy to recommend your services anytime!"



"We have worked with Angela in two very different homes.  One home was almost 100 years old and the other a brand new home that Angela helped us design.  In both homes, we were impressed with her insights & how Angela assessed the potential for design while addressing our needs for practical living.  Angela has an inherent sense of decorating and she combines this with a conscious effort to make the home feel like us.  Ultimately, we have a home that we love.



"pleasure to work with"

"We moved into our Home in 2010 and knew immediately we would be changing the Living/Dining Room, in 2017 it was still exactly the same.  I knew what I wanted but just wasn't able to execute my vision, and with my husband and I disagreeing on almost everything, it seemed it was a project that wasn't to be.  This is when I reached out to Angela, and I am so happy I did.  Angela was patient and helped guide us to the right designs for us, by giving us advice and ideas, but never pushed.  It was such a pleasure to work with Angela and I cannot thank her enough for giving me the wonderful space we now enjoy with our friends and family.  " 

Carrie L.


“My husband and I did a total gut and rebuild of our kitchen. We had heard about Angela Higgins from a friend who had had her work on her kitchen. Angela is a collaborative designer. She listened to our ideas and developed them into a workable plan. She provided us with a host of options: everything from contractors to what type and style of flooring would work best for us. During the renovation, when a problem developed with a supplier, she worked to resolve the issue to everyone's satisfaction.  

At the midway point when we were having doubts about design and construction issues, she didn't panic and that helped give us confidence that things would come to a successful end. 

Today we love our kitchen: it blends perfectly with the character of our heritage home and yet feels thoroughly modern. Angela is thoughtful, energetic and brings lots of warmth to her work. It's wonderful to work with someone who shares your design vision and can be trusted to bring forth a range of beautiful and tasteful choices. 



"deep relaxation"

"I was a skeptic when it came to Reiki but because I trust and like Angela I decided to give it a try.  I now go regularly because I feel the benefits from the treatment.  It feels like a deep relaxation or meditation which allows for a release of the tensions and stresses that build up in my body.  During the treatments I am fascinated to follow the sensations within my body as energy is released.  It is always a different experience and I leave with a sense of peace and calm.  Angela's welcoming, accepting and open manner creates a safe space for one to let go and relax whether it is at the studio in her home or the room at the Naturopath's office. A reiki session is like a mini vacation get-away during my busy days as a mom and teacher allowing me to reset to better cope with the demands of time and energy that life requires of me."

Jenn D.


"Angela's gentle, encouraging approach is very refreshing. Her insight has helped provide clarity and mental focus as I continue on my journey. After every session I leave feeling balanced, energized and motivated to continue working towards my goals, as I live out my most passionate life."




"Angela is kind, supportive, helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly. She is completely non-judgemental and is able to see the needs of her clients and address them respectfully. Angela has helped me in a positive and encouraging manner."

Steph M

"self love"

"Angela has been very helpful, understanding, and highly motivating and I've turned myself around from when I started with Angela almost a year ago. I have a better outlook on many aspects of my life, and have started living more balanced and aware. Because of Angela, I've been able to find time to provide myself with self care and self love and I know I have more value than what I ever thought I had before. I couldn't say enough great things about Angela !"


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