Why Design A Mindful Home?

Designing a mindful homes has become increasing more sought after. I often have people ask me about what it is and why it's becoming more important. Mindfulness is both a form of meditation with both formal and informal practices, it is also a way of living, a life skill.

Mindfulness utilizes the sense to engage in the present. It's done with openness, acceptance and non-judgement. It's giving our full attention to what we are doing at any one moment in time. Being mindful in everyday life is being present & connecting to the senses as we go about our day.

Bring mindfulness into the home uses mindfulness tips and practices to help you create a living space and lifestyle you really want and need. It allows us to create a home environment that nourishes us and allows us to live with ease and less stress. Doesn't that sound good?

Bringing this awareness into the process allows us to see and understand what is there and what is missing. It allows us to create spaces that are better aligned, function better and feel better to us on every level.

A mindfully created home becomes a place we can be at peace , be ourselves, feel safe, and be our sanctuary from the the demands of daily life outside the walls. It becomes a space we can be creative and be nourished. When you create a home that nourishes you, you create a home that nurture and manifests in you the things you want for yourself and your family. It aligns with your families values and goals in life. It becomes a home designed and cultivated with intention and care. Think of it as a life-size vision board.

In todays world of rush, never-ending to-do lists, overscheduled, stressed out, need to do everything and have everything. Having that place to just stop, slow down and breathe in a way that soothes, calms and grounds us back into ourselves. A place to disconnect from everything out there and reconnect with ourselves. It is oh so important for every member of the family.

Is your home currently designed to do this for you and your family? I hope it is, that is my wish for you. Does it help to come back to center at the end of a long or stressful day? Does is sooth and calm you? Or add more stress to your life? What does your home need to better support you and your family? Explore these questions and if you need further support I am here for you to help bring your vision to life.

Wishing you a home filled with health, wealth, love and happiness,


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