Spring Energy Refresh for your Front Door

Spring is in full swing! The earth is awakened, new growth is showing up all around us.

The buds are on the trees, flowers sprouting from the ground and warmer weather is slower moving in. It's the perfect time to refresh your front door and entry way, set some intentions and welcome in the abundant energy to your home.

In Feng Shui the front door is known as the "mouth of the Chi" it's where the energy collects and enters. Chi is the universal energy and life force in all things. We need to welcome this into our homes to better support everyone within, and to welcome possibility and opportunity into all aspects of our lives.

Improving the Chi of your front door support and helps the Chi of the entire house.

Here are some simple Feng Shui tips for your front entry:

1. Opens with Ease

Keep your front door clean and in good working condition. Check the door knobs and make sure they are not loose or broken. Be sure that your door opens easily to allow the good chi inside.

2. Light it Up

Your front entrance should be well lit. Not only does this address safety concerns it illuminates a path for family, guests and Chi to find the entry with ease.

3. Curb Appeal

Just like when selling a home and its all about the curb appeal an entry way that is attractive welcomes us, our guests and positive energy to our home everyday. Be sure to have some live plants, decorative pots, a welcome mat, maybe a wreath, fountain or statue; whatever you love around your front door to welcome Chi to your home.

4.Curtail the Clutter

Be sure the area behind and around the door is clear of furniture, boots, shoes, bags etc and that it is neat and organized allowing the door to open widely. If the door can't be open and you have to squeeze in its not only frustrating but limits the amount of Chi coming into the home, stagnating opportunities.

5.Well Positioned

Being able to see the front door as you are approaching the house is important. If we can't find the door it causes confusion, hesitation and delays. Make sure the front door is easily seen or found. Maybe you need to create a defined path or light the path to it, mark it with an object or clear anyway bushes that are blocking or obscuring it from view.

6. Use it Daily

Now that you have it looking its best you need to use it. Many homes nowadays have a secondary entry point that families use daily rather than the front door. for example a door from the garage into a mud room. It is important to open the front door daily to allow fresh new Chi and opportunities into your home. It doesn't mean you have to change how you live or stop coming into the laundry, just simply open it daily and imagine all the new opportunities and beneficail energy flowing in. Or use the front door when you go grab the mail, walk the dog or are checking what the weather is like.

7. Use it's direction

What direction is your home facing? Stand at the front door outside and notice which direction you are facing. You can use a compass or app on your phone to find out exactly. Check below to see how to use the direction and make the most out of your homes position and all the available Chi around it.

East - associated with new beginnings and family. Enhance this direction with potted plants, bamboo wind chimes or water fountain. Use colours like black, dark blue or green

Southeast - associated with prosperity and abundance. Enhance this direction with bird bath, potted plants, bamboo wind chimes or water fountain. Use colours like black, dark blue or green

South - associated with being out there in your community or career. Enhance with potted plants, bamboo wind chimes or red flowers. Use colours red, orange or green

Southwest - associated with nurturing qualities of mother ad relationships. Enhance with a female statue, red flowers, stone or pottery. Use colours red, orange, brown or yellow.

West - associated with children, joy and creativity. Enhance with statues of children, stone, pottery or metal wind chimes. Use colours like brown, yellow, gray or white

Northeast - associated with heaven and helpful people. Enhance with a statue of a deity, stone or metal wind chimes. Use colours like brown, yellow, gray or white.

North - associated with career and life's path. Enhance with metal wind chimes or water fountain. Use colours like gold, gray, white, black or dark blue

Northweat - associated with study and spirituality. Enhance with statue of deity, stone, pottery or red flowers. Use colours like red, orange, brown or yellow.

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