Tidy Homes for Less Stress and Anxiety

There is a direct link between a clean house and reducing stress and anxiety. Have you

ever experienced that feeling after walking into a space that is chaotic and messy and immediately feel your anxiety rise and that feeling of overwhelm start to creep in. I know that feeling and if I know I am going somewhere like this I make sure I am very well grounded and prepared. It's no wonder or surprise to me that Marie Kondo's show is becoming such a hit. It is bringing so much awareness as to how much our spaces affect us and are a reflection of the people who live in them.

We need to surround ourselves and fill our homes with things that "spark joy" because our surrounding have a real impact on our well-being and our families.

A cluttered household is less productive and focused. Research from Princeton found too much clutter competes with our attention, making it harder to focus and lead to more stress. If this is happening to adult, consider as well children living in these environments and the effects of the clutter on their focus and stress levels.

How you even think or see your home as being messy or clean, chaos or calm can impact your well-being and mental health.

However conversely when are homes offer a restful and restorative space it lowers stress and provides us a supportive haven and place to be us.

Something as simple as decluttering, cleaning an organizing our homes makes a huge difference in our overall well-being. So jump on the band wagon and get decluttering. Start small, tackle one room or drawer at a time. Clear the things you do not use, you have too many of, you do not love or they do not reflect who you are and things that are broken. Your space and you will feel so much better with all clutter gone and free space around.

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