Metal the Element of Fall

An important part of Feng Shui is living in balance with the natural elements ,the natural cycle and changing of the season. I our modern go, go, go world we have moved away from this connecting with nature, the honouring and moving in tune with the cycles and seasons of the nature that we live in. And maybe we can't completely go back to the way our ancestors lived as the world isn't the same but we can still be aware of it and bring little bit of in back into our lives.

In Feng Shui the 5 elements, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water help to bring harmony and balance into our lives. Each element carries different characteristics and energies. They each govern different areas in our homes, bodies and connect to a season and natural cycles of he earth.

Metal is the element clarity, strength, focus, intelligence, ideas, contraction, and healing.

The element of metal is both connected to the earth in the minerals found deep within her, that nourish our food and water with vital nutrients. As well as connected to the heavens and stars, representing our spiritual path and connection to above.

Metal is a bit like air in the western systems, they both concern spiritual connection and workings of the mind, as well as connect to our lungs.

The element of metal seasonally connects to fall. Metal like the fall air is cool and crisp. The season of Autumn is a time to slow down. We start to move more indoors preparing our homes and bodies for the cold months ahead. It is an inward, contracting energy. Its an energy shift you can feel and see around us. If you are anything like me I feel the pull, the desire to get cosy in front of the fire and nestle in. We start to crave heavier more grounded comfort foods. A fall/metal diet traditionally was important as it prepared our bodies for the season ahead. A metal diet like the season of fall includes hearty, warm food. Foods like meat, nuts, fish and oils, root vegetables, like potato, carrots, garlic and onions. warming spices like cayenne, ginger and curry, which promote good digestion and eliminations. Lots of water,vegetables and whole grains are needed throughout the year. These food ground us, nourish us and keep us strong and healthy through the colder months. They helped us sustain through the harsh winters when food may have been scarce. Today we have an abundance of food available to us year round. To balance these heavier foods in our modern world and lifestyles we need to also be mindful and remember to move and exercise to balance the higher amount of protein and calories you crave during the colder months. This balance is important if come Spring you don't want to to awake with a few more pounds. Deep breathing practices are also great to incorporate into your daily routines and rituals to support the lungs during the fall metal season and keep the energy flowing through out the body, connecting and grounding us in.

With fall upon us just take notice of the changes you feel in the foods you crave the desire to get cosy at home and add layers of warmth to your food and to your home. Make a little bit of space in your life to slow down, contract a bit and go within. Take nature walks among the fall leaves and feel the cool crisp air and just acknowledge the cycle fall plays in our lives if even for a moment.

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