Feng Shui for Balanced Living

Balance like I've explained before isn't about everything being even and level

but more about being able to shift and flow with the tides and waves. It about being able to hustle and go when needed but then slowing down and allowing space and time to recharge and renew. Life is busy and being busy in life seems to be here to stay, this can be both a joy and a challenge.

What happens when life gets really busy whether in a good or bad way? Things get thrown off balance, we lose our grounded, centered balance. Sleep patterns change, we tend not to eat as well, exercise falls to the way side. We're too busy, we get overwhelmed.

Our homes and environments mirror our lives. They are an extension of us and our energy, this works in reverse as well, our homes effect us too. Our spaces often show us imbalances in our lives whether it's from a home that is always in a state of chaos and looks like a tornado went through, one that is always loud, one packed with technology, or one that is all the same colour everywhere. All these show an imbalance.

Balance is a very personal thing and everyone needs something different to get their balance, but here is a few ideas that can help bring more balance to your space and when we bring more balance to our space we bring more balance into our lives.

Tip 1

Adjusting lighting levels, adding or turning down lights. If your home is very dark, feels lazy or unfocused add extra lighting can benefit it and pick up the energy in the space and get it moving more. Super bright spaces could benefit from having dimmer or light controlling window treatments, to help slow down and calm the energy. Dimmer lighting is important to be in before bed as it promotes a more restful sleep.

Tip 2

A balance of heavy and light. Having all heavy furniture can weigh you down, on the other hand if everything is light it can feel ungrounded. Mixing the two you get more stability and balance to the space and it will feel good and be comfortable to spend more time in.

Tip 3

Smudge it! Burn sage, palo santo to clear out the old stagnant energy. Light a beeswax candle or turn on a salt lamp. Beeswax and salt lamps add negative ions to your space as they burn, creating more positive energy and you'll have cleaner, fresher air. Set your intention as your smudge your space and as you invite the new energy into the space.

Tip 4

Cleanse, detox, purge & let it go! Let go of things you don't love, bring you joy or are filled with bad memories or energy. Only keep things that serve a purpose, you love, reflects your style, personality and feel positive. Cleansing and detoxing doesn't just stop at your stuff look at your schedule too and let go of things that you don't like and don't bring you joy. Free up space to allow the new into your life.

Tip 5

Bring some balance to your eating. When life gets chaotic we often end up grabbing whatever is there or on the go and sometimes the same things repeatedly. When your eating get stuck in a rut or you are constantly reaching for low vibe foods on the go, your nutritional intake get stuck in a rut too. When this happens clean out he fridge and pantry and then fill it up with more high vibe food and an easy to grab healthy variety. When you know its going to be a super busy week take some time to create a meal plan ahead and even do as much of the prep as you can ahead for the busy week to help keep you fueled and your energy and nutritional intake in better balance.

Tip 6

Take time to pause, breath and tune-in. Go outside in nature, breathe deep and listen to the sounds around you. If outside is not an option listen to a nature recording or even sit in silence. It will help you get back to being centered and grounded throughout the day.

Tip 7

Create an Oasis. Having a quiet restful space to relax, reflect and recharge does wonders to balance the busy times during your day. Create a little sacred corner, seating area or even make your bedroom a sanctuary to allow you to truly relax and recharge each night. Declutter it and the closets, clear work out of the bedroom if possible or move it as far from the bed as possible, get rid of electronic's in the bedroom, no TV's, computers or phones. Make it a place of rest, relaxation and rejuventation.

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