Summer Mindfulness Tips

I am loving the arrival of summer and the hot sunny days, longer hours of daylight and

all around energy boost for the body, mind and soul! As we all take time to relax and have fun this summer also take some time to practice being mindful. The opportunities are endless to be present and mindful for the whole family, a few ideas to get you started:

*Savor the sun and get some vitamin D, Close your eyes and feel the warmth of the sun on your skin. Notice if some areas are warmer than others or is it an even blanket of warmth? Is there a breeze or is the air still? How does the breeze feel against your skin?

*Feel the soft grass beneath your feet. Is the grass damp, cool, dry or prickly? Does it tickle your feet as you walk? Does the grass and earth beneath your feel cool or warm? Move between the sunny and shady areas and notice the difference.

*Walk around slowly barefoot noticing the different textures beneath your feet, what sensations do they bring up for you?

*Listen to the sounds of the season. Really listen, close your eyes and see how many sounds you can hear all around you. Start listening close to you and than reach out listening to the sounds in the distance. What do you hear? Do this with your kids and see what they come up with. No judgement to if they did or didn't hear it just let them say what comes up. Did everyone hear the same thing or different? Try again and see if you can find the sounds you didn't hear before or maybe there will be something new this time. This is a great practice for you on your own as well to find those moments mom, while the kids are running at the park listen to the sounds of the kids playing, laughing, running, the birds. Feel the calm and happiness these moments bring.

*Blow bubbles! watch the bubbles floating around in the air the sun shimmering off of them. Notice how they move up, down and all around. Are they floating gently or moving around faster in the breeze? What colors do you notice as they move around? Notice the different sizes and shapes.

Spending time out in nature reconnecting, recharging and using all your sense to immerse yourself in the moments. There are unlimited opportunities to create some mindful moments to pause and appreciate all that in your life. How are you going to incorporate some mindfulness into your summer fun?

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