Hit The Pause Button

We all need to pause sometimes, take a minute to have a break, rest, relax and check in with ourselves, just be. But how often do we allow ourselves this? There's always a long list of things we need to get done and never enough time to do it all. We might feel guilty when we take a break and relax for a minute let alone 10 minutes. Our society tends to look at doing nothing, just sitting like we're slacking, lazy, not a hard worker. We've become obsessed with being busy and it's like being overbooked, stressed out and busy, busy, busy is a good thing and we wear it like a badge of honor.

We are seeing more and more burnout, anxiety, and stress related illnesses everywhere in every age range. We know this is not good yet we are all still doing it, why? When we know slowing down, managing stress and resting is good for us why aren't we doing it? The list of why is probably long and many, most likely are reasons are all different but the reality is we need to stop! We need to learn to pause, to create space in our lives, have a bit more balance to the rush and long to do lists. You don't have to carve out hours to sit in meditation but we do need to take breaks to check in with ourselves, breath, be present and do nothing but just be. You'll feel better once you start doing this, it will trickle into other areas of your life and start creating positive shifts everywhere. Your awareness will be more open, you'll be more in tune with yourself and and be better able to manage life. You'll be more productive when you are tackling your to do list, your attention and focus will increase. By learning to pause, do nothing you will in end be able to do more, be more to yourself and others!

So how do we pause and really just be. There are lots of ways and you can do them anywhere, anytime. Take that coffee break and instead of gulping it down while checking emails, scrolling through facebook or going over your to do list, thinking about whats next and plan the rest of the day. Just pause, breath, feel the warm coffee cup in your hands, smell the aroma, sip and savor the taste. Maybe find a nice spot to sit outside and silence and watch nature or the people passing around you. Do nothing else just take that pause, that break to just sit and drink the coffee. Watch everyone else rushing around while you still in quiet and thank yourself for allowing that moment to break and relax. Take little pauses through out your day and breath, listen, do a short meditation, just stop and do nothing but be in that moment right there and feel the calm. You'll be recharged, refreshed and able to move forward through the rest of the day with more ease.

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