Mindfulness, We All Need It!

If you know much about me you know I am a huge fan, advocate and maybe a little obsessed with mindfulness. I am sure it drives my kids a little crazy. But it works and when my youngest is in the middle of a freak out, as she calls it, and looks at me screaming and says "I don’t want to breath!". I myself take a deep breath and say that’s okay, when your ready I’m here, if you want, to do it together to breath and calm. Usually it doesn’t take long for her to be ready and she’ll come over and sit with me and we breath, we find the calm. Sounds a little too good to be true right? I know but it happens, its what we do now and with practice and guidance you can too. Kids get it and get quickly in most cases, they don't want to feel stressed or out of control and more than we do, they just need to be taught the skills. Having the adults in the home practicing mindfulness and leading by example can in itself have huge impact on the flow and dynamics within the home. Imagine what it would be like if the whole family was involved! There are endless way to use Mindfulness and learn it, there are books you can read, video's you can watch and hands on classes you can take a as Moms/parent or classes for kids.

Mindfulness is popping up everywhere and seems to be a bit of a buzz word right now but why, what’s all the buzz about? I mean glitter jars, singing bowls, mantra and breathing all sound a little woo, woo right, a little too simple to actually work?!

Mindfulness is all about practicing becoming completely present. To stop worrying, planning, stressing out, overthinking, or having a tantrum and instead live in the moment, which is really the only moment that matters or we have any control over. Schools are starting to implement mindfulness and more and more are joining in and signing up to help create more balance and teach kids life skills to cope with our fast paced, stressful world. It not just about sitting on a cushion in silence for hours, although a formal meditation practice has many benefits as well, it’s about finding our calm amidst the chaos. It's the skills you can do anywhere, anytime!

It’s not just schools joining the mindfulness movement but sports clubs are running programs to help players manage the stress and pressures of the game. Some of the worlds corporate leaders offer mindfulness training and practice mindfulness themselves. How many people can you think of that should be practicing a little mindfulness, need to be a little more calm and grounded? I am sure you can think of just a few that could benefit from this, maybe even yourself! Perhaps that high strung neighbor or friend, one of your bosses, some on the PTA, a teacher, world leaders perhaps? What about the little boy at school who is agitated because he feels overwhelmed at school and doesn’t know what to do, the kid who loves sports and wants to do better but gets in his head and then feels defeated at the end of the game because he feels he wasn't good enough? As a Mom think about all the times you could feel your boiling point coming and you completely last your cool and then felt full of shame and guilt for blowing up at your kids? How many times have you felt

overwhelmed with to do lists, family schedules and getting it all done, all while trying to maintaining some sort of sanity? Right we’ve all been there. Mindfulness can help, it does help, if you choose to practice and keep practicing.

Ready to sign up yet? Believe me you won’t regret it!

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