Happy Holidays Tips to Manage the Madness

It's holiday time!

I love the holidays and the magic they bring.

The excitement, the energy, celebrations, cozy nights at home watching movies, warm fires in the fireplace, friends, family, food, decorations, shopping, the list goes on.

So much fun packed into this time of year and for many, so much stress.

And then, after holiday's, it's burn out, colds and blue's.

What if this year you approach the holidays prepared and with a plan and an intention to be less stressed and more in the flow to enjoy the season...and prioritize the fun.

So, what does that mean?

Well, how about making a list of what you really want to do this holiday season, how you want to spend your time and book those first in your calendar.

Learn to say no to some events, parties and get together's so you have more space and balance in your calendar.

If you stay in the hustle and bustle 24/7 this will lead to burn out, stress, cold and flu, as your bodies and minds try to keep up with us and eventually have to say "stop" in the most unpleasant making us sick!

7 Tips To Stay Sane, Healthy & Happy This Holiday Season

1. Get your calendars out and have a look at what parties are the most important to you, not the ones "I should go to" or "I am expected to go to" or the "what will everyone think if I don't show" parties. I mean the "I really want to go to that event, I always have so much fun there and love the people" events. What traditions do you want to make time for? Shopping to pick out those special gifts for friends and family, time with the kids playing in the snow, going to parades or holiday events to see the man in the big red suit. Baking that's a big one at my house. Baking with the kids and making the kitchen a mess, is always in the calendar.

2. Now, with all these celebrations and the additions to our schedules on top of our daily schedule, we want to make sure we are staying on top of our health and honouring our bodies and minds so we can have the energy and mindset to enjoy all the festivities when we get there. Make sure to drink enough water everyday and add extra if you are indulging in a few more lattes and vino's!

3. Focus on eating of whole foods and lots of veggies and fruit, loading up on lots of foods that will support your immune system at this time of year. Foods like kale, collard greens, cabbage, broccoli, tomatoes, garlic, mushrooms, onions, berries, pomegranates and seeds!

4. Get your zzzzz's and stay well rested, so all those late night parties and events don't lead to exhaustion. Your body needs that rest and repair time to de-stress, repair and recharge for the next day.

5. Make time for some exercise and body helps strengthen the immune and give you energy.

6. Get your supplement routine in order to fill in those nutritional gaps and give your body what it needs to stay strong and healthy on the inside. Look for quality, pharmaceutical grade products and have a guaranteed purity. Focus on building a strong healthy gut. Your health starts in your gut!

7. Book in some down time to relax and chill. You don't want to be on the "go, go go" phase all the time. Your body and mind need some down time. Read, have a warm detox bath, do some yoga, watch a good movie, do whatever you enjoy...but whatever you do... take "a time out."

And most importantly enjoy the holiday season, make memories and cherish the time with those you love!

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