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Imagine having a home filled with bright beautiful energy! How would that make you feel? Creating a home and living space with vibrant beautiful energy is vital to not only your physical health but also your emotional and mental health as well, it affect all aspects of your life. One of the easiest ways to start creating a more positive home is to keep it clean! A clean space has so many benefits including things like, less stress, healthier, happier space and more enjoyment.

A clean space will naturally be more relaxing and feel lighter and you'll feel lighter too and doesn't that alone make you feel more beautiful. Others ways to create and make your flow with beautiful vibrant energy on top of keeping it clean of course:

1. Declutter! Walk through, dig deep every now and then and look to see if there are things you no longer need and don't serve you. Donate or sell and release these items leaving space and openness for new positive things. Spring and Fall are times I like to do some deep cleansing at home.

2. Burn Sage. Burning sage clears negative, stale energy. It invites new more positive vibes into you home and the smell with relax you. I often like to mix other herb into my sage like lavender, cedar or thyme.

3. Salt Lamps. Get a salt lamp or 3! Not only is himalayan salt incredible for your health to eat but a salt lamp cleanses and removes odors from your home air. They give off negative ion particles, look beautiful, invites the fire element into your space and create a soft warm relaxing glow to the space.

4. Meditate. Meditation does your body and brain wonders but also invites beautiful positive energy into your home and living space.

5. Essential Oils. Nothing is better than the smell that invokes positive memories or a relaxing vibe. Using oils in your home can shift the energy and melt away the negative energy you've picked up during the day. It can change the energy as well from alert yang energy to, calm quiet ying energy and vise versa.

6. Plants. Plants add so much to a space. They clean the air in your home add vibrant life and bring nature or the outdoors in. NASA did extensive research on which plants cleaned the air of toxins, check it out here! Be sure to check as well which plants are toxic to pets or young children if you have any of these precious beings around. Plants add positive energy and abundance to the space as well. Check out the list of top plants HERE

7. Candles, but only natural clean burning, please. Beeswax are my favourite and are a healthy clean burning choice, avoid toxic candles full of chemical scents and additives! Beeswax candles burn clean and give off a gentle soothing glow to help reduce stress and make a feel good mood. Want scented candles choose ones scented with essential oils.

8. Open those blinds and windows and let that beautiful sunshine in! Sunlight is beautiful, energizing source of happy energy. Don't block it out all the time. Open the blinds, open the windows and let fresh air and energy into your home.

These simple yet powerful steps will have more vibrant, beautiful energy filling your home!

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