Being a Flexitarian!

Are you a flexitarian?

What are you talking about, you say?

What's a flexitarian?

I define a flexitarian as someone who doesn't follow any one diet or eating style but embraces them all.

I don't believe any one style works for everybody and they're lifestyle or goals. With so many styles and options for eating, how do you choose, how do you know which one is right for you?


Listen to your body, tune in to how the things you eat make you feel physically, mentally and emotionally.

Some peoples bodies thrive as a vegan but some do not. Some work better as a paleo or vegetarian but one thing all the healthy styles have at their core is eating whole real foods!!

That is how I base my eating, by eating whole real foods!! That is my go-to and yes sometimes things happen and life happens and you have to grab something quick and make a not so healthy choice but this is not the norm but the exception.

I eat a mix of foods and styles and love a variety of styles of cookbooks from vegan to paleo to clean eating and so on. For me this works and allows me to relax around food not obsess or worry about what's right or wrong but focus on what nourishes me and makes me and my body feel good and have vibrant energy.

This mean nothing is completely off the table for me, now of course if you have and allergy or particular condition this would be different and you should avoid those foods. I have learned and know my limits with certain foods and I have my goals and know how I want to feel.

I let that guide me in how I eat and make my choices and yes sometimes I indulge and enjoy a treat or two. A girl's got to live a little too!

Being a flexitarian makes me feel freer, relaxed and not worry about fitting into any one box or eating style but to choose what, when and how I eat, knowing what and how it will make me feel without guilt but with empowerment!!

What's your eating style?

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