I'm One of Those! Are You?

At a meeting for one of the kids activities they were going over the activities and what was required and if there were my medicines or that we were send with our kids a Doctor's note would be needed for absolutely anything even if it was not prescription such as Benadryl or Tyenol.

Now I get it, I understand it's about safety and with kids and medicine you have to safe and cautious of course.

My question was we rely on homeopathics, natural remedies, oils, supplements etc.

Do I need notes for all these as well and how many notes and from whom did I need to start getting?

So after the meeting ended I went over to inquire about this and what protocal was.

Did all Doctor's count or was it just Western MD's?

When I asked the supervisor of the activity about this and what I was sending and why, they didn't know, they really had no idea really what the answer was or what was required.

They were going to have to find out and get back to me, fair enough.

Now as we were chatting about this another parent was there and listening and as I was explaining what I was sending and we use the other parent comments to me "Oh, your one of those Mom's."

Hmmm, one of those Mom's.

So, yes I am one of those.

I am someone who looks to natural treatments first. I believe in preventative care first, who combines both Eastern and Western medicine and wisdom, eat mostly real food, work to live a balanced healthy lifestyle and treats the body as a whole body, mind, spirit, space.

So yes I am one of those Mom's and proud of it!!

How about you are you one of those, too?

#MomEnergy #Lifestyle #WholeFoods #Holistic #Healthy #Natural

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