It's All About Balance

It's all about balance, live a healthy balanced lifestyle.

That's what they tell us to do but is that realistic and what does that mean exactly?

When they think balance, most people think that equal amounts of all of the same things create balance; like the scales you used as kids in school and you had to get both side to be the same weight and balance the elements.

I think that is completely unrealistic and can drive you crazy trying to obtain.

To me I think living a balanced healthy life is more like surfing.

It about finding your balance and your center in life and being able to maneuver, shift and keep or re-find your balance.

Whether the waters and tides are calm and smooth or the swells are big and challenging, living a balanced life is not always about having everything in equal balance, but managing the smooth and the rough without falling off completely...and never getting back up.

So how's your balance?

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