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Angela Higgins

I’m Angela. I have a degree in Interior Design, am a member of the International Feng Shui Guild and hold a practitioner’s certification. I am also a Reiki master, holistic life coach, and have a mindfulness certification. I love nature, yoga, reading, and constantly learning.  At the root of it all, I’m a mom who is passionate about my family living in healthier and more nourishing spaces. 

As a child, I loved organizing my bedroom and experimenting with colours and crafts. I always had an appreciation for houses and spaces and how they could make you feel. In high school, I was gifted with a book on Feng Shui and have developed these passions into a genuine love of helping others become more aware of their space and how much better we feel when we do.

The Nourished Life is about family and finding things that help us bring balance. I truly believe that the home is where you really have control over how you live and spend your time, and that it’s more than possible to tailor the environment to your values, who you are as a person and your family.

My focus is not only on interior design, but also a strong combination of Feng Shui,and Mindful Living. I work with families to detoxify their homes and minds, to bring more awareness into how they’re living and what they’re allowing into their homes, and the impact on loved ones and their lives too.

I always encourage children to get involved in home design. Understanding what makes children feel comfortable is helpful to create spaces together that suit everyone. When kids have that safe space to be themselves in a home, it helps them to deal with the world. I usually like to ask kids, “What would you do with the house?” Their answers usually surprise everyone.

I also like to promote eco-friendly choices as far as wall paints and elements of nature which have all been proven to calm the nervous system and be very healing. I also work with many clients who like to recycle and refurbish furniture from old homes. These elements add history and depth, if that’s part of your story. 

Our Process
Nourish Your Life

Together, we’ll collaborate to personalize your space so that it suits your lifestyle, soothes your senses and calms your soul. Your home should feed you and heal you in some way. You should be able to walk in the door at the end of the day and feel like you’re walking into a great big hug. 

Common goals include creating a safe place where you can come back to who you are. Your home will be a place that you truly love, where you can fully connect with yourself and your family.

When we work together, part of the process includes a: 

1. Questionnaire, Intake information, photos and measurements
I’ll ask questions about what your space looks like now and what you want it to feel like. Everyone, even the kids, will be involved as I learn about your house. This helps us see common denominators of things you all love so that everybody feels comfortable with the space and elements we’ll create. 
2. Floorplan
Based on your answers, I’ll take your overall lifestyle into account and create a design presentation.  Whether you’re using what you have or buying new elements, or mixing the two, I use floorplans and a vision board based on your preferred colours and elements to design a space that works best for you. Then the real fun begins. 
3. Design plan
During our collaboration, we’ll discuss what you like and what you don’t like, and I’ll show you why I chose certain things. In Feng Shui, we use a balance of elements - not too cold or hot, some room will be more active energy or more yang and others calmer energy or more yin, a nice balance between lighting, colours and textures. In the end you’ll have a plan that you can use to implement immediately, or to put together elements at your own pace. 

As part of your plan, I can also help with unique pieces, some that you have to wait a little longer for or go on an adventure to find. But that’s all part of our collaboration together. You’ll learn a lot about yourself and your family in the process. 

Stay Tuned!
I have some exciting programs, courses and downloadable resources coming soon!  I’d love to connect with you in the meantime to see how we can transform your space and make it truly work for you. 


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Cambridge, Ontario

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